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FullAppraisal is a mobile vehicle appraisal tool which allows sales executives to move from outdated paper-based processes to electronic appraisal of part-exchange vehicles. Mobile technology captures vehicle and customer information accurately for greater visibility into potential leads.

  • VRM look up allows automatic population of vehicle details, increasing time spent with the customer
  • Comprehensive checklist of appraisal points and handover focus creates a ‘duty of care’ with the customer
  • Record prep cost breakdown to provide justification behind final offer and internal prep accountability
  • Upload up to 15 photos, position ‘drag and drop’ vehicle condition markers for improved accuracy
  • Integrated with Experian VRM look up and CAP/CAP+ valuation data to facilitate integrated valuation process
  • Seamless user experience on tablets and/or desktops

Benefits of using FullAppraisal

  • Create a more professional and engaging process with customers by using mobile technology during the appraisal process
  • Complete appraisal at the vehicle side using iPad or tablet
  • Spend less time on administration and more time with the customer
  • Reduce time and effort spent on trade disposal – upload appraisal information to Cooper Solutions’ FullAuction online auction site
  • Greater visibility into the number and type of appraisals being carried out by the sales team, improving lead-to- sale conversion rate
  • Improved re-appraisal process – easier to locate original appraisal and modify as necessary
  • Pre and post-sale appraisals stored with date and time stamps for audit purposes
  • CDK integration of part exchange status provides robust activity and conversion reporting
  • Add value around lost sales resurrection opportunities – know more about the deals that weren’t done!
  • When combined with FullAuction, it offers a complete end-to- end trade management solution

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