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FullCompliance is a modular upgrade to FullCover designed to meet national HMRC requirements that dealerships account for all company car driver activity and fuel use.

Adopting a real time paperless solution to recording driver and vehicle activity indicates that your dealership has a robust process designed to comply with HMRC requirements and avoid potential exposure to significant financial penalties.

  • Designed to fulfil HMRC requirements on vehicle and fuel BIK
  • Accounts for all mileage on company vehicles whatever the use
  • Mobile based system for easy real time recording
  • Automated production of annual HMRC BIK report for vehicles, bandings and driver allocations
  • Produces automated private and business fuel expenses

Benefits of using FullCompliance

  • Avoid significant financial penalties associated with unsubstantiated use of vehicles or fuel
  • Fulfils HMRC requirement for consecutive mileage logs for all demonstrator stock vehicles for all private, business and customer use
  • Removes manual mileage logs which can be inaccurate and easily modified
  • Prove that drivers remained within the appropriate vehicles for HMRC averaging agreement, or use the system to opt out of the HMRC averaging agreement
  • Prove that no driver benefitted from customer or business provided fuel

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