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FullFinancials is a working capital solution consisting of debtors, creditors and vehicle stocks.

Debtors and Creditors

Debtors and creditors are listed by ledger and department replacing hard copy with real-time reporting. Latest activities can be date stamped and action points audited.

  • Debtor days reduced by up to 40% in first few months of use
  • Creditors more easily managed to the benefit of cash flow
  • Better communication between the Accounts and Management teams
  • Uncollectable debt is passed back to management and acted upon more quickly
  • Collectable debt performance improves as admin time reduced
  • On stop accounts and customers nearing credit limits can be identified easily

Vehicle Stocks

News and used vehicles can be analysed fully by age and stock type. The drill down facility to individual vehicles can show value and driver (if applicable). With an online notes facility, credit controllers can forward plan and action an audit trail.

  • Cash tied up in vehicle stock can be optimized
  • Stock performance visible from department manager to group director
  • All information available at a click of a button in real time within the month
  • Different performance and situations across a group easily identified and acted upon

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